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I love what i do. Thus i succeed

I was born in 1984 and I grew up in Ankara, the capital of Turkey, before moving to Istanbul, the social, cultural and international capital of the world.

After studying in the Physics Department of the Middle Eastern Technical University for three years, I left my program of study in calculus and physics to pursue my love of graphic design.

I won a scholarship for my bachelor degree in Graphic Design at Bilkent University, the most prestigious program in Turkey.

After graduating, I started my career specializing in wedding and portrait photography. I also have extensive experience designing logos, corporate identities and icon sets for companies, creating content for social media, producing advertorial videos for fashion brands, and operating drones for photography & videography purposes.

After gaining experience working with advertising and digital creative agencies. I created two brands, Evlilik Guncesi Wedding Photography and Bukare.net Films

With these brands I have created unforgettable moments for hundreds of people.

I am a citizen of the world and have travelled under contract to complete projects in many countries.

I am willing to partner with other professionals on new and existing projects.

Enjoys being in New York City, London and Istanbul.

Currently lives in London